Equisoftex non-woven textile is the ideal additive for any equestrian surfaces, both indoor and outdoor. When mixed to new or existing sand, textile increases the binding between sand grains, therefore provides great benefits in term of stability, grip, cushioning and shock absorption.
Non-woven textile is very helpful to reduce maintenance. It keeps the surface more stable and uniform and thanks to its absorbing capacity it also guarantees longest moisture retention.
The quality of the arena will considerably increase and so will horses performance and health.
Equisoftex non-woven textile is 100% made of polyester (PET), and because of that it is strong and elastic, uv-resistent and not biodegradable, therefore really durable.

Equisoftex WHITE especially suitable for silica sand not just because of the colour but also because it is more soft and voluminous, and has higher moisture retention capacity.

Our standard bale contain usually both green and white textiles (about 75% + 25%), in order to provide full qualities and benefits given by the different materials. On request we can provide bale of 100%green or 100% white material.